It’s not just review, review, review ’round here, y’know…

Articles & “Insights”

Are Slasher Films Misogynistic? – well, are they?
Stock Background Characters 101
– appreciating those bit-parters who usually just die
Twists of Fury – examining the most unbelievable revelations
Repreciation – ranking the remakes
Bad Brits – the evil British of the horror realm
When pranks go wrong – the consequences may be deadly
Rule Breaking – does sex always equal death in a slasher film?
Gay subtexts in horror – from guest writer Ross Tipograph
Remakes of the future?
Slashademics – academic books on the genre
Be careful what you fish for – a look at killer fish movies
Decade of the Afraid – The Best of the 2000s Part 1 and 2
Final Literation – the Final Destination tie-in novels

Lists of stuff

The Top 100 slasher films – a countdown in lots of 10
The 100 Worst slasher films – the antithesis of the above
Ipso Facto – documentaries on slasher movies
Shitty Sequels – when Hollywood just doesn’t know when to stop
Almost but not-quite slasher films – they came close
The Best of Dire-logue
– facepalming lines
Before they were famous – the youthful stars of 90s horror
The 13 Best Friday the 13th Characters
The 13 Best Nightmare on Elm Street Characters
The 13 Best Halloween Characters
Sequel Showdowns (and Prequels) – is Halloween II better than Prom Night II? What about Friday V over Wrong Turn 5??? Answers here!
20 Final Girls We Love – (and 10 we don’t)
13 things to love about Friday the 13th
Hair don’ts – worst of the worst
16 reasons why I unashamedly love Urban Legend
The dogs of slasherdom – man’s best friend deserves a mention!
5 Things I Wish They’d Stop Doing in Horror Films
A Final Destination movie a day – because I wasn’t already paranoid enough
If only… – slasher films-within-films
Why didn’t they die? – characters mysteriously spared the blade
Mother loves you – moms who go too far to express their love
Stick with what you know. Or die. – popstars who dared ‘act’ in a slasher movie
Mental Motives – the weirdest reasons to kill
The films I couldn’t finish – they were just that bad
Half-star films – they were also pretty bad
Har-de-har-STAB! – the best and worst parodies
Title Cards – a rather pointless overview of title cards

Other randomness

Crap Killers – those who should’ve found a different hobby
Sexy Psychos – and those who are just too good looking
Cold Prey vs Coldplay – awesome European slasher films against drippy guitar strummers… who’ll win?
Ridiculous Scene O’ the Month

TGI Friday – celebrating anything Friday the 13th-ey
VIPs of Slasherdom
– seminal characters of the genre
Children ARE Evil!
Films we wish had a psycho killer – sometimes they just need to be unleashed on an annoying cast
Icky Ways to Go – the worst ways to be laid to waste in the slasher vaults
Hellego Night – when Hell Night was rendered in Lego
Michael Myers vs Mike Myers – who’s better?
Posters with lots of faces on them – that old 90s thing
Gasp! It’s you – actors seen flexing their craft elsewhere
The Horror Movie Converter – turning dull, rubbish films into decent body count flicks
Halloween 6 vs itself – the theatrical cut vs the producer’s cut
Trade-A-Life – sometimes the wrong character survives
The Slasher Movie Calendar – know your dates of doom
Lonely Hearts Ads
Where does I Know What You Did Last Summer go from here?
Films called ‘Blood something’
Christmas vs New Years – in horror terms, duh
Interview with director Jake Helgren
Interview with director Phil Hawkins

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