Father’s Day


2 Stars  2012/15/87m

“His job kept him sane! Now he’s just lost it…”

Director/Writer: Ryan Lee Driscoll / Cast: Jonathan Hansler, Andrea Gordon, Nicola Posener, Christopher Rithin, Henry Douthwaite, Brandon Francis.

Body Count: 4

Minor British psychotic-break thriller in which overbearing city worker Hansler is made redundant and, on an apparent whim, takes his wife and two teenage kids off to the country for a day of sticking two fingers up at work, school, and responsibility.

In truth, he’s got his boss strapped to a bed in a secluded cottage, and plans on killing the fam and then committing suicide. With a cast of just six, it’s a mammoth task to keep things interesting but Driscoll does okay, with a great scene where Dad gives his kin wrapped presents: Sexy lingerie for his daughter, a gay porn magazine for his non-confrontational son, and his gift to himself? A big, scary axe!

After his intentions become clear and the family discover Mr Boss upstairs, he makes them do chores until a fit of rage ends in a stabbing frenzy and he’s soon hunting down the family. Things go a bit Hills Have Eyes with the teenage kids pooling their resources to fight back.

As a one-time experience, there’s nothing wrong with Axed, but I did have to do something else while it was on as I began to get a bit twitchy. Well enough acted and altogether nicely made, but the artwork would have you believe it’s something wholly different.

Blurb-of-interest: Driscoll was the editor for the godawful Funny Man.


  • “-but the artwork would have you believe it’s something wholly different”

    Yeah, I thought it would be a “fired worker going postal” slasher like Intruder or Disgruntled.

    Not that what we got was bad.

  • It’s a fair movie. Pacing issues aside, I do agree it was an interesting take on a backwoods slasher, but I really wished the count could have been a tad higher. (throw in some more friends to tag along the unfortunate BF, perhaps?)

  • Yes, that would’ve helped a lot.

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