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Well, I’ve been writing again, and today (!) my fifth ‘lil slasher book has been released.

For years I had two ideas: One about a slasher movie festival where a killer began ripping off murder set pieces from the films played to lay waste to the local teen population, and one a friend brought to mind: “You should do Seven… but with The Ten Commandments?”

Mucho toiling later, I decided to combine the two and, with some hefty crowbarring, here is Tenfold (previously known as Let There Be Dark, Necessary Evil, All Things Sacred, God Watch Over You, The Holy Orders and a phonebook of other monikers).

Set in 1999 – hence the classic V-formation artwork – when we were all cartwheeling to the local cinemas to see that week’s new teen-horror flick, a quartet of small-town high schoolers decide to celebrate Halloween with a week-long slasher flick fest, much to the annoyance of the oppressive local Evangelical Church, who do all they can to stop it from going ahead.

Someone, however, has other plans, and begins offing attendees based not only on scenes from that night’s screenings, but also one of the Commandments. It’s down to lead horror-nuts Dash and Grace to find out who is behind it before they become the final victims in the reign of terror…

UK readers can pick it up here.

US readers can pick it up here.


  • Congratulations on the new book. Sounds very interesting. I’ve recently finished a slasher novel myself and currently I’m trying to find an agent/publisher. Plan to start work on a second slasher novel next month.

    Do you plan on releasing the new book in physical form in the future? I’ve got your Beaten Track book but haven’t been able to buy any of the others as I don’t have a Kindle.

  • Thanks! You can use any e-reader app on a phone, tablet or laptop usually.

    Getting an agent is HARD, I’ve been around the merry-go-round with varying successes several times – best of luck! Email me if you want any tips : )

  • Appreciate it thank you. I’ll look into the e-reader thing.

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