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Ridiculous scene o’ the month: I won’t survive

A Ridiculous Scene classic. This moment from 1998’s I Still Know What You Did Last Summer must rank as one of the most inexplicably idiotically deranged moments ever to spew from the mind of a screenwriter.

I mean… how the FUCK is that even achieved!?

In a film jammed full of nil-possibles, Julie and the prophetic karaoke machine of dooooom takes the gold.

RSOM-I-Still-Know2Considering the 90s slasher movies were built on a base of being more believable than their ancestors, it’s mindboggling to consider that just the second film in this series swung a wrecking ball through all the hard work done in the original film to make yer standard slasher plot that little less reliant on clich├ęs.

Ridiculous scene o’ the month: Carousels are not FBI safehouses

This months Ridiculous Scene comes courtesy of seldom seen 1981 Z-movie House of Death (or Death Screams), the chintzy Friday the 13th wannabe that notoriously plays out of sequence on the R2 DVD.

What happened last time I was shot in the back with an arrow? Why, I ran to the nearest merry-go-round of course! Just like this badass chick…

RSOTM2It’s worth noting that on said shitty R2 DVD, the scene ends when the carousel begins moving – we don’t see Badass Headband Girl get asphyxiated for reasons unknown (I had to get stills from YouTube!) – but then if the distributors can’t even get the fucking film on the disc in the right order, what hope is there of them providing it uncut?

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