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TGI Friday: Move over Jason, here comes Skullface

After the joy that was rendering Hell Night in Lego – Hellego Night – it was back to the drawing board, or rather design software thingy, to create what is surely my life’s work… CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE IN LEGO.

I give you, Camp Bryckstal Lake… (PS, the blue house is loosely modelled after the main cabin from Friday 2).

The idyllic surroundings of summer camp… complete with a little pontoon out on to the lake where our skull-faced killer ‘drowned’ years earlier…

Our merry band of camp counsellors: Shelley, Lori, Dan, Alexa, Rob, and Alexa’s twin bro Chad, plus Horatio the Dog. But who’s that lurking behind the trees?

“There’s a legend ’round here… a killer buried, bot NOT DEAD!” Rob tells his naive comrades.

“But it’s just a harmless campfire story, right?”

“Whoop! Here’s to the best summer of our young, very long lives! Let’s all get drunk and have sex!”

“Is someone out there?”

“Gaaaaaaaahhhh! It was only a story!”

…and then there was one!

“Ha! Eat this Skullface!”

“This is the lake they used for Shark Night 3D as well – go to hell motherfucker!”

“We’re the only survivors, Horatio! Next year, let’s just get a summer job in a diner. I hear they’re re-opening that one in town where the murders took place.”

“Yes, that’s right – it’s all over… What’s up, boy?”

“More ghouls!? No, it can’t be! Aaaarrggghhhh!”


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