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Prom Trite

On my zillionth viewing of Prom Night, I thought some stuff. Not just “my God, is that how they danced in 1979!?” or “that’s her dress?” but plotty things like:

  • The Halloween influence is so heavy: The street Jude crosses looks exactly like the one Laurie and friends walk down in Haddonfield.
  • How can Kelly and Jude be friends with each other, let alone the sister of the girl they killed?!
  • And Nick – dating her???
  • It’s pretty obvious who it is from ten minutes in.
  • Kim’s prom queen dress makes Molly Ringwald’s one from Pretty in Pink look like Chanel.
  • Are Leslie Nielsen and his missus supposed to be suspects? Where are they at the end?
  • Drew should’ve been murdered. Gruesomely.
  • Nick, although nice, deserved to go too

prom night 1980

  • Wendy’s chase scene is still the best. Ever.
  • Nobody heard a van explode? Nobody was outside smoking, making out, or getting air?
  • The killer should’ve turned out to be Kelly, guilt-ridden over what they did.
  • The disco choons really are awesome. Time to Turn Around was stuck in my head all last night.
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