The 13th Hour. Almost.


5 Stars  2013/400min

Director/Writer: Daniel Farrands / Writer: Peter M. Bracke (book) / Narrator: Corey Feldman.

Who could ask for anything more? Well, some will undoubtedly moan about the lack of uncut footage that may not even exist, but in terms of cover-it-all documentaria, Crystal Lake Memories outdoes even the sublime Never Sleep Again.

Naturally, as a Friday advocate who’d eagerly do Jason sexual favors if asked, I’m biased, but a whopping 11 hours of footage (if you’re lucky enough to have the bonus disc, otherwise it’s just a blink-of-the-eye 6 hours 40) ensures that every stone is unturned, from the quite unnerving details of Adrienne King’s stalker (only alluded to fleetingly elsewhere), to the disagreements between director and producers during the shooting of the 2009 reboot, Ted White’s candid opinion of Corey Feldman on the set of The Final Chapter, and the various regrets bounded around over how Jason X turned out.

Each film is introduced by a stylised chapter-opener that recalls the title card of the respective film, right down to the fonts, graphics, and working titles (Frank Mancuso Jr’s penchant for David Bowie records becomes clear). Then it’s talking heads galore (still attached to the bodies), anecdotes, opinions and all the usual.

Interviews recycled from His Name was Jason crop up, sometimes in truncated or expanded form, but there are many, many more cast and crew members involved this time around, including Dana Kimmell, Jeannine Taylor, Tracie Savage, John Furey, Melanie Kinnaman, Elizabeth Kaitan, Russell Todd, as well as we’ll-endorse-it-anytime stalwarts Kane Hodder, Tom Savini, Sean Cunningham, Todd Farmer, and the ever-present Jeff Katz.

What else can be said? Daniel Farrands must be THE go-to guy for slasher documentaries by now, how long before we get an extended Halloween love-in?

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