Dire-logue’s Greatest Hits Volume 6: Oh, the wit…

Some people are funny, some people aren’t (Ricky Gervais, Adam Sandler, I’m looking at you). Some horror films try to be funny and, on occasion, it works, other times it’s just a little cringe-inducing. Regardé…

ALL-AMERICAN MURDER (1991): “I’ll be history before my next history class.”

APRIL FOOL’S DAY (2008): “This is supposed to celebrate someone coming out, not going out.”

THE CURSE OF EL CHARRO (2005): “You said it, sweet cunt, now get the hell out of here before I get bitchy.”

HELL NIGHT (1981): “If you weren’t screamin’…and we weren’t screamin’… Then someone’s trying to mind-fuck us.”

I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER (1997): “What are we gonna say? ‘Hi, we killed your son and we were in the neighbourhood, so…'”

MOTOR HOME MASSACRE (2005): “Woah…last time this thing was on the road Michael Jackson was cool.”

SANTA’S SLAY (2005): “File that next to brown-coloured toilet paper as a bad idea.”

SAVAGE LUST (1989): “What’s next – Uncle Fester on the patio?”

SPIKER (2007): “I’d rather screw a porcupine than touch your spooky ass!”

TURISTAS (2006): “Hello mate, here’s your dead nephew and, by the way, you’re out of Scotch.”

WELCOME TO SPRING BREAK (1988): “Welcome to spring break: the annual migration of the idiot.”


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