Eat it


2 Stars  2008/18/77m

“It’s nice to have your friends for dinner…”

Director: Gregory Mandry / Writers: Michael Bell, Max Waller & Rob Weston / Cast: Sarah Dylan, Rachel Mitchem, Oliver Lee Squires, Nigel Croft-Adams, Julia Vandoorne, Hiram Bleetman, Carrie Cohen, Jennifer Wren, Gary Faulkner.

Body Count: 6

Take a Wrong Turn in England and it won’t be long before you find a house or a village… Except in Suffolk, according to this film, which shares a fair wad in common with The Beaten Track as well as the American loons-in-the-woods series it aspires to copy.

Three couples head into the sticks for a weekend away and fall prey to a deranged butcher who likes to reconstitute their flesh for meat, which, unbeknownst to them, they have been eating.

Characters, situations, and ‘twists’ are unfortunately as predictable as the British weather and save for a few touches here and there, nothing that happens is done with any flair or panache, and the icing on the cake is a twist previously seen in the likes of The Prey and, more recently, Simon Says.

Gruesome but kinda sloppy, with thick, viscous, blood that would clearly have caused the victims to die of blocked arteries anyway.

In fairness, I wasn’t paying that much attention while I watched, so for all I know something amazables happened while I was zoned out.


  • Nice cannibal burger art. Reminds me of Dying Breed and its cannibal pie poster.

  • This is the British Wrong Turn, aforementioned Dying Breed is the Australian Wrong Turn, and Germany has Barricade, France has High Lane, and Sweden has Madness (one of the hillbillies in that is even named One Eye… he rapes a dude in a filthy shed).

    Any other regional examples?

  • I’d kind’ve add Stag Night as the Bulgarian-pretending-to-be-American answer and Detour as another US rip. Who knew the franchise was so trendsetting?

  • Perfect for a pre-camping marathon, even a globetrotting one.

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