*Gasp!* It’s both of you!

Peering over the parapet of retirement for this. Mid-80s Police Academy knock off Moving Violations proved to be a regular phonebook of siblings-of-stars and slasher movie also-rans…

Most evident to me was the appearance of not one, but two alumni of The Burning, Brian Backer and Ned Eisenberg. The former is a luckless purveyor of a mobile puppet show, the latter is introduced by asking Jennifer Tilly (!) if she saw any of the first five Friday the 13th movies and later dons a hockey mask.

brian backer ned eisenberg moving violations 1985

Elsewhere, Willard Pugh from The Hills Have Eyes Part II appears, all of them under Stacy Keach’s little brother and Bill Murray’s little brother in the lead roles.

See you in a few weeks when I watch the slasher film my friend Dave was in.

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