*Gasp!* It’s you!

It’s another one from the vaults of Fame – Season 2, this time for no other than the lovely Tracy Bregman, merciless Ginny-impersonator and psycho killer from Happy Birthday to Me! In this episode, Words, she plays Jenny, whose mega-strict pop blacks out any suggestive passages in her textbooks, making Miss Sherwood intervene and, if I remember correctly, get told to fuck off. Whatever happens, Jenny is conveniently never seen again. Unless she killed Coco, donned a rubber mask and proceeded to dress like her, talk like her and even walk like her… Cooool.

Whatever, Tracy, if you somehow ever read this, you’re the only thing I remember about the whole damn episode. Just a shame we didn’t get to see you dance.


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  • I saw Lawrence Monoson on Diff’rent Strokes the other day. Episode ‘A Growing Pain’. He dies in it, but not quite like the way Jason kills him in Part 4. Not quite…

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