Halloween: The Ever-Changing Myers House

Property is a big deal, and who wouldn’t renovate their home over the years. But Haddonfield’s real estate market must be really lively for the cursed Myers house, scene of a murder in ’63, ’89, ’95, and ’02, to morph and grow and change as it does over the years.

Look at it in 1963: Pleasant, small, boxy timber-frame family home.

myers house 1963 halloween

Jump forward to the year I was born, 1978, for Halloween and Halloween II and it needs a little lovin':

myers house 1978 halloween

Its next appearance was in Halloween 5, where it had somehow grown into a mansion of Garth Manor proportions – complete with extra storey and turret-room thingy:

myers house 1989 halloween 5

Relatives of Laurie Strode were living in it six years later, guess they disliked the turret-room thingy and shrunk it back down to two floors:

myers house 1995 halloween 6

The house was able to rest for a few years until Dangertainment came-a-filmin’ in 2002, where the neighbouring house used to be there’s now a driveway and garage that never existed at the beginning, but otherwise looking like it used to. Due to them building it on a stage, you never enjoy a shot of the whole frontage:

myers house 2002 halloween resurrectionIn conclusion: Did the location scouts for Halloween 5 even watch the previous films?

H A P P Y   H A L L O W E E N !


  • Happy Halloween. Yes it is pretty comical how much the Myers house has changed in particular for number 5 where it looks so radically different.

  • I used go to Salt Lake City for work a couple times year, and would find the filming locations. As a fan, I knew the part 5 house was wacky. But it wasn’t till I stood there that I was blown away just how immense it is.

    I think this change accounts for a lot of the venom (yes, among other things) fans have for part 5.

  • Some poxy explanation about it bring renovated and then abandoned might have helped!

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