Who you gonna call? Diana Prince!



3 Stars  1982/97m

“Hang up! Before HE comes to cut you off… DEAD.”

Director: Jerry Jameson / Writers: David E. Peckinpah & Stancil E.D. Johnson / Cast: Lynda Carter, Granville Van Dusen, Steve Forrest, Monte Markham, Harry Waters Jr., Joy Garrett, James Reynolds, Jerry Booth.

Body Count: 2

Laughter Lines: “The fanny-grabbers are out in force tonight!”

Woman Woman Lynda Carter shoulders much of the weight in this slasher-rooted TV thriller, in which she plays barmaid-cum-student Brianne (pronounced Brian), who takes a voluntary role at a crisis center hotline for sexy doc Justin (Van Dusen), where she is soon the target of a series of creepy calls.

Are the repeat calls related to the murder of a hooker close to where Brianne lives? On her own. In a big house. As they continue and the hissy voice gives her clues about a series of unsolved murders, Brianne becomes more and more curious and is soon channeling her inner Lois Lane to find out who it might be and why…

As anyone who’s seen more than a few such thrillers will know, it’s going to be somebody close to her – but who? The obvious choice is Justin, conveniently ‘away’ whenever there’s a call, or the bar owner she works for, his right-hand man, any of the random bit-parters?


Hotline is kinda like a slasher film that never gets started, which would be annoying if it weren’t as tightly scripted and well acted as it is. Lynda avoids spinning into Wonder Woman mode, but steps into the final girl shoes with suitable accomplishment and no need for her super lasso thingy.

If you fancy a break from counting bodies dropped but still want an of-the-era taut thriller, this is a great starting place.

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