Icky ways to go: Schwing! Tentpole!

After eight murder rampages, New Line acquired the rights to the Friday the 13th franchise after 1989’s Jason Takes Manhattan and decided to just end it there and then. Or so they thought.

1993’s Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday was played to test audiences whose main complaint was the lack of horny teenagers and thus, what’s likely the best, most nostalgic scene in an otherwise turbulent movie.

Three suitably dumb and nubile teens – Alexis, Deborah, and Luke – hitch a ride with John D. LeMay’s lead, Steven, stating they’re on their way to camp at ye olde Camp Crystal Lake site. Steven puts it to them: “Looking to smoke a little pot, have some sex, and get slaughtered?” “Jason’s dead!” they cheer and he drops them off.

Alexis is summarily done away with by a Jason-possessed coroner, who then sets his sights on the humping couple in the pop-tent…

“Sex is fun!”




Well… can’t say it wasn’t wet or wild


  • It’s obvious why Jason killed her so horribly.

    It’s because she decided not to use the condom.

  • Hahahaha i dont think ive actually seen that Friday the 13th movie omg how terrible of me !!!!!!!! ive seen them all soooooo many times they’ve all sorta blended into one an i forget i haven’t actually seen one oopsies !!!!

    my fave friday death has got to be in Jason takes manhatten when Jason literalllllly punches a guys head off !!!!! in ONE PUNCH hehe

  • I agree this was the best bit of Jason goes to Hell. I wish some of the other ,movies in the series could be as gory at times theyre too tame.

  • I do *love* that little shot where he treads on the discarded condom.

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