Brave the storm


1 Stars  1983/18/96m

“Please do not disturb Evelyn… she already is.”

Director: Jim McCullough / Writer: Jim McCullough Jr. / Bill Thurman, Anna Chappell, Will Mitchell, Virginia Loridans, Major Brock, James Bradford, Amy Hill, Marian Jones, Greg Brazzel.

Body Count: 7

Ironic that the wooden cabins of the title location show more promise as solid performers than any of the dreadful people gathered together in this annoying B-movie, yet another pants copy of Friday the 13th, with a psychotic woman (who looks about as dangerous as any nan) offing a group of nobodies who happened by her shoddy clutch of cabins, that make the Bates Motel look like the Sheraton.

Amongst the dopey travellers are a couple of redneck newlyweds, a carpenter, and an ad man who’s convinced the two stranded wannabe-starlets he’s picked up that he represents Columbia Records. Not with that hair.

Unfortunately for them (and us forced to sit through the ‘character building’ slab of film) the Motel owner Evelyn has only just been released from an institute and scythed her daughter when she caught her trying to communicate with Daddy.

Evelyn releases snakes, rats, and cockroaches into the cabins using a series of interlinking tunnels beneath the place. When these little surprises fail to drive everyone away she takes to attacking them with her handy sickle in repetitive and routine murders. The travellers become aware of what’s going on and strike back – well actually they completely fail and have to wait for the local sheriff, who doesn’t really save the day either.

The one solitary thing going for it (besides the amusing artwork) is that the budget was obviously so low that it lends a rather nightmarish quality to the goings-on, but other than that it’s no surprise to learn that it was shelved for three years before release.

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