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murder loves killers too 2008


3.5 Stars  2009/18/75m

“Everyone knows killers love murder. But did you know… murder loves killers too?”

A.k.a Blood Cabin (UK DVD)

Director/Writer: Drew Barnhardt / Cast: Christine Haeberman, Allen Andrews, Mary LeGault, Scott Nadler, John Jenkinson, Kat Szumski, Kathryn Playa.

Body Count: 5

This micro-budgeted, energetically directed quickie was shot in the Californian woodlands and scrunches up the entire stalk n’ slash act of the genre into just 30 minutes, as a quintet of prepped-to-party teens arrive at the gorgeous log cabin they’ve rented for the weekend and almost immediately fall victim to the middle-aged bald guy who’s home. It’s so immediate, one girl barely gets a look around the joint before being nabbed and spirited away.

The odd-ball killer wastes no time in ridding the cabin of the other three until only smart girl Aggie remains for a protracted game of cat and mouse, with scenes reminiscent of early genre examples – Amy Steel’s Jason-dodging comes to mind. She’s eventually caught by Big Stevie, who sits down to explain that she’s going to help him with his ‘sexual problem’ – which sounds a bit like he wants to do the deed with his daughter!?

murder loves killers too 2008

Aggie manages to escape and Big Stevie finishes her off, packs up his car with her body in the trunk and returns home to his dull, normal suburban life. An awesome final twist springs into play and the film ends just there: Short, sweet, succinct.

Murder Loves Killers Too is hampered slightly by the constraints of its budget, but at the same time it suits it down to the ground, insofar as quirky slasher movies of this type likely wouldn’t pack the endearing attributes that go into them with more cash thrown at them. The way it is, things work just fine, with adequate performances all round, characters who are slight, but at least not insufferable, and an optimistic creative approach, seen in the jaunty camera angles and spacial set-ups.

Definitely not one for everybody – I liked this more during my second viewing – but it’s an acquired taste, and the filmmakers note that they intended only on going back to basics with it. Check out the DVD extra that lists the various working titles; my favourite of which was Off Campus Death Party Massacre 4.

murder loves killers too 2009

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