Pant-Soiling Scenes #15: THE LOST WORLD: JURASSIC PARK

Not a horror film as such than a film with some horror elements to it. I actually really love the JP trilogy – yeah the effects look a bit shoddy these days but Spielberg, as ever, is capable of delivering some heart-stopping moments – and this particular scene from the oft-overlooked middle film of the trio could win an award for best thought-up shit-your-pants-predicament.

Here, as the T-Rex’s take revenge on a super-sized trailer for ‘kidnapping’ their baby, paleontologist Sarah (the lovely Julianne Moore) takes falls face first on to a glass window that’s the only obstacle in the way of a fatal fall several hundred feet to the rocks below. As she comes to, the glass starts to splinter, crack by little crack with every movement she makes to try and reach out for something to grab on to.

This is the standout scene in a movie that spans two hours without as much high-gear excitement as its sister flicks but even a slow script can’t stop The Beard’s perfect handling of a great idea here and, every time I watch it, it’s this very moment that defines The Lost World for me.

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