Pant-Soiling Scenes #19: INSIDIOUS

Having totted up over 1,000 horror films, you’d think there’d be little scary stuff left to see. Slasher films take place in nicely controlled environments – killer and victims; zombie films have clear cut rules about survival.

Hauntings, however, can do whatever the fuck they want. They can be slow and unsettling or fast and bloody. No rules.

Therefore, when I finally got around to see Insidious last week, I expected maybe a little tension here and there. I didn’t expect to recoil in fright from some of the ejector-seat shocks, accompanied by thundering “gung” sounds.

The first one was when Rose Byrne went to check on her crying baby and encountered a damn creepy spectre lurking behind the net curtain thingy:

Shudder. It even looks like Michael Myers. That’s some eerie shit right there. However, it almost pales in comparison to Barbara Hershey (nicely cast in a nod to her role in the supremely freaky The Entity), who recounts a horrible dream she had about the haunting and then sees the face from her dream right there, behind Patrick Wilson.

Shudder again.

I don’t care if it was over-hyped, if the final act kinda went silly and ended up a marriage of Elm Street and Poltergeist II, this is one scary film the first time around and a warning to all ye who are astral plain explorers or whatever…


  • …that face…I just shat bricks…

  • Yeah, I know, right?

  • Oh man me an my cousin watched this movie a month ago and we r both avid scary movie watchers and this scared the crap out of both of us !!!
    we couldnt even go down the hall to go to the toilet by ourselves lol !!!!
    really good movie for a crap your pants scare !!!

  • Saw this movie 2 days ago and still can’t stop remembering those scary faces.

    Shattered my bones the whole time – okay, the end was a bit strange and boring, but I can’t wait for the sequel!

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