Ridiculous scene o’ the month: Wrong direction

This month’s ridiculous scene comes from the terminally inept British slasher film Demons Never Die, in which already-suicidal teens are suddenly loath to find themselves targeted by a knife-toting loon.

In this frankly idiotic display of dumb character behaviour, the hostess of a house party goes to fetch more drinks and walks in on an occurring murder. The killer gives chase and she runs back the way she came PAST THE ROOM FULL OF PEOPLE (arrow added for prosperity) and outside into the garden, where she hides behind a tree and doesn’t even call out when her friends exit through the same door just a few yards away… Instead, the killer jumps her and, bosh, she’s a goner.

As a person-friendly horror fan, I err away from saying certain characters deserve what they get, but in this case, being a moron (a suicidal one at that) makes this girl a particularly justifiable casualty. Twat.


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