Talking heads. Still attached.


3 Stars  2012/18/76m

Director: Calum Waddell

A documentary about slasher films is pretty much all you need to know, but unlike 2006’s Going to Pieces, this one didn’t start life as a book, however, one of the associate producers is Justin Kerswell, who wrote Teenage Wasteland so it sort of counts.

Reviewing a documentary is difficult as there’s no plot to describe. Therefore, Slice and Dice is a pretty skimpy 76-minute trip through the beginnings of the genre, final girls, gore, and what makes a good maniac – not quite ‘the complete history’ as the cover claims.

Talking heads range from stars such as Corey Feldman, the always lovely Felissa Rose and UK scream queen Emily Booth, to directors Adam Green, John Carl Buechler, Patrick Lussier, Scott Spiegel, and Final Destination creative force, Jeffrey Reddick.

As a mild distraction, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the final product as it sails through its subject matter with a very generous scoop of films clips from all over the place, but I found it to be a little… empty and ‘inside the box’. Not that it’s slapdash, but it has a slightly mechanical feel over that of an out-and-out passionate love letter to slasher films.

There’s also a fair wad of time doled out to series’ that I wouldn’t have lumped in with the likes of Jason, Freddy, and Michael Myers (Puppet Master!?) and little in the way of history lessons. Of course, to my twisted, overloaded brain, there’s no new ground to be covered so perhaps it would be more interesting and surprising to the more casual or new fan.

Adam Green supplies the best line, as the criticisms of the genre being misogynistic are defended: “It’s odd to me that people like the ratings boards say that they’re demeaning towards women, again it’s equal opportunity, they’re demeaning towards everyone, …so fuck off.”

Who else shows up: J.S. Cardone, Tom Holland, Tobe Hooper, Dave Parker, Fred Olen Ray, Robert Rusler, Christopher Smith, Norman J. Warren.


  • the first two Puppet Master films were the most slasher-like in the series, with POV shots, stalking and, well, inventive kills. Then comes part 3 with a revenge plot, and everything else that follows were pretty much fantasy flicks…

    Also, for some reason, just by looking at the pic, I can tell this is going to be something missing to it…

  • Chucky looks… stoned, to put it bluntly (horrible pun!)

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