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*Gasp!* It’s you!

It’s another one from the vaults of Fame – Season 2, this time for no other than the lovely Tracy Bregman, merciless Ginny-impersonator and psycho killer from Happy Birthday to Me! In this episode, Words, she plays Jenny, whose mega-strict pop blacks out any suggestive passages in her textbooks, making Miss Sherwood intervene and, if I remember correctly, get told to fuck off. Whatever happens, Jenny is conveniently never seen again. Unless she killed Coco, donned a rubber mask and proceeded to dress like her, talk like her and even walk like her… Cooool.

Whatever, Tracy, if you somehow ever read this, you’re the only thing I remember about the whole damn episode. Just a shame we didn’t get to see you dance.


*Gasp!* It’s you!

Thanks to my unexplained fixation with the TV series Fame, not so long ago I posted a picture of Larry Zerner – Shelly from Friday the 13th Part III – and, lo and behold, a later 1983 episode ‘Love is the Question’ revealed his buddy and star of the very same film. It’s Dana Kimmell!

danafameHere she is as Melanie, performing a strange move with Leroy in the background. Melanie twists her ankle about 30 seconds later and hobbles off, shares a bit of dialogue with Danny and Jimmy Osmond (!) as a vocal prodigy with special needs (!!). She returns at the end to do some dodgy ballet and that’s it. Guess she flunked dance…