TGI Friday (the 13th): Bricks and pieces

“Happy” Friday the 13th again! It’s HIS day (Jason’s, not some religious figurehead).

So, a while back on TGI Friday there was the Lego homage to Camp Crystal Lake I cobbled together, and another time I rendered Hell Night out of bricks.

A few months back, I received an awesome email from my new friend Eric Weber, who, in some really creepy coincidence, had done the same thing!!! Behold his tribute to Friday:

Gotta be said, Mrs Voorhees is looking terrific in minifigure form – even the expression is on point! And Adrienne King would kill for that hair!

Elsewhere, Eric re-tooled Hell Night and Motel Hell:

Awesomeness abounds. Though I only have hazy memories of Motel Hell, I’m sure it’s not as fun as this.

To have a closer look at these and some other horrors he’s ‘bricked’, have a look here: and also here:

Now, go check your doors, windows, tent-zipper… Jason’s out there, and he’s hungry.


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