TGI Friday (the 13th): “I saw someone at my window!”

What makes Jason Lives such a cool sequel is that the summer camp is back! And open!! With kids in it!!!

The best scene involves nice counsellor Paula (Kerry Noonan) consoling a nightmare-plagued camper – called Nancy! – while she is unknowingly stalked by Jason. It’s awesome.

jason lives friday the 13th part vi


  • Sure, it’s an open camp with kids in it.

    It’s also lowered in counselor kills and upped in tame comedy that takes the dread of the first five and mocks it rudely. There are moments but Part VI is the first one in the line up that made me halt and demand a recount!

  • @ Jenny Lo

    Would Jason being revived with a lightning ala Frankenstein which somehow transforms him from a nearly skeletal corpse to a fleshy undead maniac be one of said moments?

  • Also, Happy Friday the 13th, Hud! I have Freddy vs Jason covered for this (sortah…not really…maybe?) momentous occasion!

  • The kid being called Nancy was a coincidence. She was actually named after McLoughlin’s wife (the woman Jason spears through the mouth on the dirt road earlier in the film).

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