The 50 Best Foreign* Slasher Flicks: 40-31

Up we climb… See #50-41 here.

40Kucch to Hai (India, 2003)

VeVo: 2.5 Stars
IMDb: 4.3

kucch to hai 2003

A two-and-a-half hour musical slasher movie from India, with some lines of dialogue spoken in English, but mostly in Hindi. This sanity-tester spends an hour building up to high school students finding their professor has murdered his wife and them running him over to escape, only to be stalked by a mystery killer at a ski lodge during a reunion three years later.

Scenes from I Still Know What You Did Last Summer and Urban Legend are ripped off shot-for-shot, while the ‘action’ is interspersed with pop songs about love, usually accompanied by music videos you’d expect Britney Spears and N Sync to have made in the 90s. Bizarrely entrancing.


39Record (South Korea, 2000)

VeVo: 2.5 Stars
IMDB: 4.6

record 2000

I Know What You Did Last Summer Xerox #329 hails from South Korea, where a group of high schoolers play a cruel prank on their nerdy classmate, which results in him being stabbed, burned, and then falling over a cliff!

A year later, the group are tormented by a shady figure wearing a bright orange suit, who plays games with and kills them one by one. The good girl heroine tries to work out who it is before he gets her, even though she wasn’t even involved in the prank.

Worth seeing for the awesome translations:

  • “Everybody die not long time.”
  • “You are a not get. I have found the path to outcome you.”
  • “You are nothing but a hell kite!”


38The Windmill Massacre (Netherlands, 2016)

VeVo: 2.5 Stars
IMDB: 4.8

windmill massacre 2016 ben batt

Dutch-but-in-English Reeker-esque shenanigans as a group of ‘sinners’ on a bus tour of Holland’s windmills are collected by a Jeepers Creepersy ghoul and sent to hell, I guess.

One of those movies that kind of spends its running time sliding down a slope of increasingly predictable situations as the plot unfolds and the novelty of Amsterdam’s backdrop is switched out for any-old-woods.


37School’s Out (Germany, 1999)

VeVo: 2.5 Stars
IMDB: 5.2

school's out 1999

Made-for-TV reaction to Scream with a harlequin-costumed killer scissoring teens on a scavenger hunt at their graduation party. I can’t remember a whole lot more about this one, only that it was tame and the German-speaking buddy I leant it to thought it was absolute crap.


36The House by the Cemetery (Italy, 1981)

VeVo: 2 Stars
IMDB: 6.2

the house by the cemetery 1981

Fulci’s apparent attempt at copying The Shining with more stab and drip concerns a family moving into ‘the old Freudstein place’ where a zombie-like dude who resides in the basement kills random babysitters, realtors, and horny teenagers who dare venture down there. The memory that sticks most is that the child was dubbed by a grown woman trying to sound like a child and, well, the results are shrill to say the least.


35Deep in the Woods (France, 2000)

VeVo: 3 Stars
IMDB: 4.2

deep in the woods 2000

A troupe of young actors are summoned to a castle in the middle of the woods to act out a version of Little Red Riding Hood for the birthday of a millionaire’s grandson. After they’re done, the horror begins as a creepy wolf-masked loon starts stalking and killing them one by one.


34Slaughter Night / SL8 N8 (Netherlands/Belgium, 2006)

VeVo: 2.5 Stars
IMDB: 5.3

slaughter night / sl8 n8 2006

College students take a tour of an old mine haunted by the vengeful spirit of a 19th century child killer, who possesses various members of the group in an effort to kill seven souls so he can exit hell or something. Kind of Long Time Dead by way of My Bloody Valentine.


33Sssshhh… (India, 2003)

VeVo: 3 Stars
IMDB: 4.4

ssshhh 2003

Like Kucch to Hai, this is another Indian slasher-musical, which apes Scream as the sister of a recently-murdered girl is stalked by a clown-masked killer. Then there’s the obligatory falling-in-love, lots of songs about love, and the teens bugger off to some huts on an island and I Still Know What You Did Last Summer becomes the new point of focus as they’re eventually killed off. At nearly three hours long, this one is a chore, but at least boasts some interesting scenery and cultural backdrops to set the horror up against.


32Dead in 3 Days (Austria, 2006)

VeVo: 2.5 Stars
IMDB: 5.5

dead in 3 days 2006

Another Euro go at the themes of I Know What You Did Last Summer, this time with a bunch of graduating friends all sent a text informing them they’ll be dead within three days. Dismissing it as a prank proves fatal, as they start dying, leaving attack-survivor Nina to piece it together and discover it all goes back to something that did as kids.

The icy backdrop provides an interesting blood-and-snow dynamic but things peter out with a weak final act. It was followed by a sequel with the confusing name Dead in 3 Days 2, which I’ve yet to see.


31Black Serenade (Spain, 2001)

VeVo: 3 Stars
IMDB: 4.5

black serenade tuno negro 2001

Spain clambered aboard the Scream bandwaggon with this collegiate mystery, which had more in common with Urban Legend than anything else: The poorest performing students at the University of Salamanca are murderized by the mythical Dark Minstrel as punishment for not ‘earning’ their place in higher education.

Transfer brainiac Alex tries to solve the mystery while she sees her new group of friends killed off for cheating in their exams. Things grind on a bit too long to a ridiculous conclusion that makes little sense given what happened up to that point.


  • Great article. Very much enjoying it so far. You truly are the master when it comes to finding these obscure slashers. Since discovering your site I’ve been made aware of many that I otherwise wouldn’t have known existed. Of those listed here Dead in 3 Days and Deep in the Woods look interesting. I’ll try and seek them out.

  • Too kind – thank you!

  • I bought Dead in 3 Days 2 a while ago, but I have yet to watch it, mostly because I was led to believe that it had English subtitles when in reality it does not (just German and what I’m guessing is Austrian German).

  • Ah, Black Serenade! One of my most sought for slasher flicks!…next to Schools Out 2.

  • It was certainly hard to find. I had to throw it away a couple months ago as the disc was damaged and wouldn’t play : /

  • That sucks Lord Crayak about the Dead in 3 Days sequel. Probably feels like you wasted your money. Now you have it you should probably watch it anyway though as hopefully you can still get the gist of it even without understanding the dialogue.

    I’ve managed to track down a few from this list now buying Dead in 3 Days and Deep in the Woods plus Record which I decided to pick up as well. Sounds like that could be quite a funny one. Managed to find one copy going on ebay so I snapped it up. Also I managed to find a Korean copy of Black Serenade that I also bought. The back of the box claims it has English subtitles so all being well that actually prove to be the case. Couldn’t find anything for School’s Out 2 though that Kaijinu mentioned. All of the copies I found for sale didn’t seem to have English subtitles sadly.

  • Subs > dubs any day though.

  • I hope Basag Ang Pula appears on the list, or is reviewed soon. I love that one.

  • @Rob – I’ll hopefully get to it some day, and I suppose I can always type the German subtitles into a translator as they pop up (tedious, yeah, but afterward I could upload the transcript to somewhere for others to use).

    @Hud – Ah, but what’s funnier, terrible subs or terrible dubs?

  • Never even heard of this!

  • Definitely the subs! Record was saved by these.

  • @Jenny Lo

    Say, you don’t happen to have a copy of that. I’m from the Philippines and even that title’s hard to get by. (Or probably not, just me asking the wrong people)

  • @Lord Crayak That would be really good of you and helpful to others if you did the translator thing with Dead in 2 Days 2 if a lot of hard work on your end.

  • @Hud

    Someone I talked to online provided me a private link a couple years ago. I do not know how long this will stay up, so find a youtube converter to save the video to your computer if you plan on putting the watch on hiatus. I am sure sharing this will be fine, considering how rare it is:

  • Bless your heart Jenny Lo xx

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