If you can’t sing… scream

Don’t you just hate all those TV karaoke “talent” shows clogging up every channel? The smug judges, sycophantic hosts, endless sob stories, and the insufferable gushing… Don’t you wish someone would just come along and kill everyone in them?

Well now…

Axe Factor Cover Trimmed 1563 x 2500 72dpi


If you don’t have it – you’ve had it!

Series 7 of Icon – the number one talent show in the country – is one week from crowning the winner, and recipient of a major record deal. But behind the bleached smiles, expensive gowns, the tales of determination and success, lies a world of backstabbing – literally.

Someone has a deadly grudge and to-do list of the 10 finalists. As favorite to win Carlee prepares for the night of her life and her big chance, her fellow contestants are being hunted down one by one and permanently ejected from the competition in a manner of grisly ways.

With suspects ranging from the ex-winner with a dark past, to the production crew who hate the show, and any number of participants who will do just about anything to win, Carlee’s chances of making it to the final hinge on whether or not she can piece together the clues before she ends up in pieces.

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