Today I love…

Late 90s teen drama thing Popular, which I presently have a strange fascination with. Probably because I was young and vibrant when it was on and now I’m orbiting some mid-life crisis. Plus there was an episode called ‘Slumber Party Massacre’, which is always nice to hear doing the rounds.

Who am I kidding? I’ll write something of substance soon – promise! – the sea of slasherama is a bit flat and dull of late though… Someone make a decent film, would ya?



  • Is this the same reason I’m watching The OC?

    Popular was the best: April Tuna, Mary Cherry, CHERRY Cherry, that theme song, and some of my favourite quotes of all time (“Let’s bowl… and disco!”). I *so* wish they’d made that third season where they were all supposed to move into the disused set of Melrose Place.

  • Well, I don’t know if it counts but Savaged (2013) proves to be a nice addition to our fave sub-genre, and I really do recommend Discopath.

    As of now, though, I’m rekindling my love for kaiju flicks so yeah, calm waters for the sea of slashers~!

  • Hahaha! April Tuna is amazing.
    I’m just in a horror trough, it’ll pick up! It has to pick up!!!

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