Twists of fury: Cut

In this feature, Vegan Voorhees examines those jaw-dropping revelations that the slasher film loves to bat our way from the blue, like a pushy parent tossing softballs at a kid who doesn’t want to learn baseball.

This week, we observe the brow-creasing revelation that Australia’s answer to Scream – the thoroughly fun Cut – spits up when it clearly runs out of ideas near the end… SPOILAGE follows.

Set Up: Film students decide to complete Hot Blooded, a slasher film allegedly cursed after the stuntman playing the killer murdered the tyrannical director (Kylie Minogue, y’all!) and was, himself, killed by one of the actresses. Further attempts to finish the film have ended in death – why should this be an exception? To an old mansion house they go where they are stalked and slain by the shears-toting maniac…

Twist: There is no killer per se. The killer – Scarman – is “a product of the creative energy put into the film.” Thus, whenever the film is screened or toyed with in any way, Scarman hitches a ride with it and kills folk. Destroy the film stock, destroy the killer.

Problems with this revelation:

  • OK… like, HOW does this happen? There’s no evidence of otherwordly goings-on in Cut, which, up to this reveal, is a standard, amusing, and liberally bloody slasher film.
  • Did the electrical current that fuzzed when the stuntman was originally impaled suck him into the film?
  • An old woman – widow of the original producer – stops by to inform everyone that there is a presence at work that is inherently evil. How she knows this is also a mystery. It didn’t stop her writing a cheque to the filmmakers to get the picture finished earlier in the film.
  • If Scarman is the film and the film is Scarman (or something), why does he have Brad’s (the stuntman) face under the mask?
  • Why does nobody explain anything in normal terms???

Likely explanation: Some would say the writer just penned himself into a corner and came up with this ludicrous turn of events, however I prefer to believe that Cut is parodying those late-80s slasher films that tried to climb aboard the Elm Street wagon with all manner of stupid outcomes such as killers travelling through plug sockets n’ stuff… Shocker comes to mind.

All the same, I do *heart* this movie. It’s dumb, sure, but it feels like it was SUPPOSED to be.


  • Well, the Scarman was originally played by Brad, so I guess it makes sense (kind of) that it would have his face under the mask. Similarly, if the Pseudo-Freddy in New Nightmare appeared unburnt for a scene, it would probably look like Robert Englund.

    I do like the “Brad was sucked into the film” theory, though.

    This would make a great Triple Feature with the similarly boggling New Nightmare and Midnight Movie.

  • i cant say any bad bout this movie !!!

    thou the ending killer looks like they just went oh shiz we need a reveal here wait, what, whos the killer again !!!!

    side note, this movie was actually made in my hometown so that gives me even more love for this movie hehe

  • That’s so cool! I **LOVE** Cut. It gets so much flack but it’s one of the most entertaining entries from that 1996-2001 resurgence.

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