VIP’s of Slasherdom: Barb

The late Margot Kidder was the Lois Lane I grew up with: Husky voiced and inquisitive, although she was often there to be saved by Superman, there was always an air of agility about her that gave you the idea she was quite capable of saving herself if it came down to it.

Playing what could easily have been dumbed down to a standard bitchy girl role in Black Christmas, Barb is, well, barbed, but we get a little insight into her psychosis, the turbulent relationship with her mom, and her dependent relationship with alcohol…

margot kidder as barb in black christmas 1974

“Darling – you can’t rape a townie.”

Academia: Barb’s major goes unspecified, but she knows enough about the mating habits of certain species of turtle.

Kicks: Punking dim-witted public servants into oral-sex-affiliated phone numbers.

Why we love her: Barb may be problematic, but you gotta compare her to her goody-goody sorority sisters – she’s a wildcard of Stock Background Character 101 fusion: A prankster, the bitchy girl, a substance abuser (later: stoner), and in her more famous role, the snooping reporter. Plus she gets the best lines.

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