VIP’S of Slasherdom: Melissa

One of the first Friday the 13th‘s I saw was Part VII: The New Blood, which, on the back of the original, I found to be pretty lax. There were still enough scraps to feast on as the genre was still new to me then. Aside from the awesome Maddy, and the swoon-worthy Nick, there was, after previous VIP Inductee Wendy, the best bitchy girl found in the genre… bow down for Melissa.

melissa susan jennifer sullivan

“…’Like’ has nothing to do with it.”

Missive: To get Nick (Kevin Blair) into bed at any cost.

Talents: Manipulation, seduction, eavesdropping, but also hair care and modelling those Hamptons-housewife pearls that her daddy gave her for being ‘the perfect daughter’. Hmm… hey Melissa, meet Madison Penrose!

Why we love her: Melissa is just a force of pure evil, rivalling Jason from a social perspective – while he destroys people physically, Melissa and her ilk are destructive in another way entirely, cutting them down with her scheming ways rather than a bladed weapon.


  • She’s being added to Friday the 13th: The Game

  • bastardjackyll

    Favorite kill in the series for me, perfectly timed (you almost forget that she’s even still alive at that point in the movie) and ridiculously violent and cruel (I’m hoping that was a dummy that caught a fucking AXE to the face and casually tossed across the room, if not, that stuntwoman earned her money that day).

    So fantastic they even memorialized it on the cover of the NES game.

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