VIP’s of Slasherdom: Violet

Jenny Lo nominates third inductee to the Slasherdom Hall of Whateverâ„¢ – Friday the 13th Part V‘s sub-Madonna, robo-dancing punkster Violet, played by the lovely Tiffany Helm. One of the troubled residents of the Unger Institute in the middle of the woods, poor Vi just wants to dance, dance, dance through her problems. Whatever they are.

Alas, “Jason” puts an end to that path of therapy with a swift machete to the chest.

#…there’s a man with no life in his eyezzzz…#


Talents: Violet can do laundry but has a habit of forgetting co-residents have died when setting the table.
Attitude: Introverted and a little short-fused. But she’s sorry, alright? She. Said. She. Was. SAWRY!!!
Why we love her: The hair. The ‘tude. That dance.


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